I’ve been training with kettlebells for more than two years now, two times a week. I’ve missed a surprisingly few occasions, and only because of some illness or a trip. I like this kind of exercise, mostly it’s intensive nature.

It was around 8 years ago when I first tried kettlebell. I instantly found it appealing, as it promised to make me strong. Some time after the initial encounter, I started doing regular training. It was hard, often my hand were shaking and had to sit for a while before I could head to home.

After the three months long course, I parted company with the bells. Started dancing which was a quite different type of movement, but I always wanted to give them another try.

Years passed, and I started going to the gym, doing traditional body building. I learned the basics from a personal trainer, then I went there three times a week. I liked that too, although the sessions were quite lengthy.

After 1.5 years, I decided that I’m ready for taking another shot with kettlebells. I went to training group, and despite I still found it quite hard, it was doable.

Since then, I’ve changed groups to a more closer one, reducing the length quite a bit. Each session takes around 80 minutes now, all included.

Exercise is a keystone habit, and it changed my life in several aspects. I eat more properly, I have more energy and I feel better overall. Having goals also helped me to feel progress, first when I started going to the gym, then to find a kettlebell group.

The next goal might be to learn TRX. I really like the idea that only a rope is needed, and it promises the same benefits as kettlebell. Maybe I can fit it to my packages and be able to exercise even on a trip. That would open up some possibilities for sure.