You should not focus so desperately on your goals; instead just set up a general direction and work on that. The most transformative aspects of my life are those that lacked an end result initially. When I’m constantly making progress, I reach where I never thought possible.

I was making goals several years back. I wanted to find the one thing I want to achieve, specify it to the smallest detail, make clear and step-by-step plans on how to achieve it. It sounds reasonable at first. Plan first, execute then. The main problem is that it does not work in the long run. If you follow this principle, you’ll be at the same spot years later.

The key is small transformative changes done every day. Specify only the general direction; then choose one thing that brings you closer to it. Develop a plan on how to do that thing consistently. Don’t mind perfection; concentrate on doing.

If you persist then you are making progress towards your goal. Give it some time, but you might eventually find out that it’s a dead end. Don’t worry, it’s not wasted time; you just found something that does not work. It’s called experience. Collect many such things and that’s called wisdom. The more you have, the better your choices will be. You are making progress nonetheless.

The hard part is to accept that you don’t know what exactly your goals are. As a child, all of us fantasises about a profession we’d like to became as grownups. Most of us fail to fulfull these, but it is not a failure. You had goals, moved towards them, then realised a more suitable path.

Doing something you didn’t plan for is still success if it’s better for you. Don’t be afraid to work towards an underspecified goal. As long as you are constantly improving, you’ll be better every day.