My morning ritual culminates in the morning coffee. I tried many different means of brewing starting from instant ones through capsules, and I’m now using a special moka pot.

Having a morning ritual is important; not much because of the coffee I drink, but it sets me into motion after waking up. The time I actually drink it is far from getting out of bed. But it’s something I’m eagerly waiting, starting from the preceding evening. I know that when I get up, I’ll make a cup of coffee and drink it with relish.

The whole process takes around ten minutes. I manually grind the beans, then fill into the maker. It’s a stovetop one, and needs a minute or two to brew. Making it this way gives room to experimentations: what beans I use, how much I grind and put in, how much water I add and so on. It’s far better than a capsule where you only have a handful of choices. It’s well worth the extra few minutes.

As I’m writing these, I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning. I’ll mix Brazilian beans with ones treated with hazelnuts. It will be unlike any pre-made capsule could be.