The last post marked the 21st day I’m writing this blog. Experts say 21 days are needed to form new habits. Before this marker one needs to exert him/herself to do the particular thing. After this, things come automatically and forms an autonomous process.

To be honest, the first few days were the hardest. When I first started writing on random stuff, I was full of ideas. Many topics circulated in my mind, each would make an excellent post. Then after a few days, I felt empty. Most of the original ideas are still in the backlog, but I started to feel why writing every day is hard.

The topics I thought of are vague ideas. They have no particular shape or a clear guideline. They are just some random sentences I thought about, without much context. In order to write about something, you need to think about it for a while. Someone told that you don’t really understand something until you write it down. Now I see the truth behind this.

Putting aside 30 minutes each day to write some random thought is also challenging sometimes. Fortunately I am already accustomed to doing daily tasks; this fits nicely.

But writing became much easier in the past 3 weeks. The immediate posts after the first ones were hard to write. I needed to reread and rethink what and how I write them. Now the words come more naturally.

Practice makes perfect. I feel the effects of this practice, and I’m continuing this habit.