Hack.summit is currently happening. It’s an all-virtual conference with prominent people. Also it’s free, just a registration is needed to attend. And it’s as good as an expensive traditional one.

It’s format resembles a videoconference more than an actual tech conference. There is no stage where the speakers do their sessions, nor an apparent crowd. The organizer sits in front of his laptop and asks questions; the current speaker sits in front of his/her laptop and answers them. The crowd is invisible; I think thousands are following the sessions but they remain hidden from me. Only the questions and the votes on them indicate it’s not just me.

It’s a tech conference and albeit a free one, most of the speakers are either CxOs or developers from the upper echelons of well-known companies. The sound is clear and the video is too most of the time. Everything is in place for an informative event.

And Hack.summit does not fall short on the expectations. It delivers a smooth experience and very interesting and informative talks. I’m glad I’ve found it a while back.

These conferences help me keep updated in my domain and in the general trends in software development. I’m glad there is one that does not costs a fortune and still brings most of the benefits. I’ll sign up next year too, for sure.

Guess I go back and watch some more videos. They well worth the time.