The cue for starting this blog was the Space Exhibition. It’s not some overdue New Year’s resolution that started one month late. The idea came mid-January to start improving my writing, but needed a kickoff event. The exhibition was a suitable candidate.

I wanted to write about this in the first few posts, but seems like other topics preceded this. Also it might happened because of the contingent nature of these posts.

The exhibition was interesting by the way. It started with advancements in rocket science, it’s interesting how much the war fostered its advancement. The second part was a slow transition to NASA’s achievements; the moon landings, the ISS and today’s state of space travel. SpaceX was mentioned too, along with the Martian rovers.

It was more of a historical exhibition, so the current technological advancements were less emphasized. It’s interesting to see the big picture; the space race and the breakthroughs after were the natural evolution of the technology. If someone will go to a similar exhibition a century later, s/he will most likely think the same.

This exhibition happened to be at February 1st, hence the blog started incidentally at the first day of the month. This will outlive most of the New Year’s resolutions.