This was the first self-improvement “how to get successful” book I read. Since then I became obsessed with the topic; I’ve read several books and I’m following multiple blog feeds. I’ve read this book ~five years ago. Since then, I find myself referring to it’s chapters from time to time.

Most of the self-improvement books have an easily identifiable main thought from which everything else stems from. These can usually be spotted halfway through the chapters.

Reading this book, I could not find the one main idea behind it. The whole book is filled with original research and independent ideas. It’s purport is to get more effective; but the individual steps are, albeit built on each other, remarkable on their own too.

The first three habits are for personal development, the second three are to amend teamwork, and the last one is to keep improving. The structure seems contrived at first; this 3+3+1 structure seems too symmetrical. But after reading it, I didn’t felt that anything was missing.

There are books and ideas that resonate with certain people. These are life-changing works and finding yours will change your life for the better. This book is one of mine, and I’m really glad I’ve read it. Give it a go, and maybe you’ll find it useful too.