With the Internet we can access vast amount of information. It’s more important than ever to filter out the noise from the useful bits. If you want to keep up with everything, you’ll fail and be stuck in the meantime.

If you watch television series, it’s impossible to keep watching everything. As far as I know the turning point, where the rate of new episodes surpasses the passing of time, has already happened years ago. It means that if you watch the TV 24/7/365, you’ll still miss out an increasing number of episodes.

The above can be applied to other sources of information. If you are reading science fiction, there are so many books to choose for that it’s impossible to read them all. Or if you are following the news, you need to pick just a few sources to be able to keep up.

It is then increasingly important to filter much of the Internet out. Facebook feeds seems interesting, but it’s never-ending; you’ll never finish. And actually if you miss parts of it, nothing bad happens. The same is true for the news. The important pieces will come through anyway. But you’ll reclaim some of your time.

But living under a rock is also no fun. Complete isolation from the happenings in the world is not a solution either. Also there are good TV series that worth watching. And good books worth reading. Just be aware of what is not needed and filter them out. And you’ll have a lot of time to spend on more meaningful ways. Reclaim back your life.