I don’t believe in talent. It’s overrated, and it’s likely people would not start something because “I don’t have talent”. It’s just a lame excuse. I believe that everybody is capable of everything.

Of course not everybody wants to do a particular stuff. Someone likes to draw, someone prefers mathematics. Some prefer physical jobs, some more like desk jobs. And it’s fine.

The first thing is to know yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses? If you can answer this, you are halfway there. The next thing is to see what you want to achieve. If you want a good job, you need to see which skills you are lacking and work on those. If you want to live a quiet life, plan the steps that will take you there.

You probably won’t break the world record, but you can reach a quite good level. But you must be willing to put the required amount of practice in. Don’t think a week or two will be enough. If you are just starting something, expect 6 months practicing every day to see a real difference.

You can make lame excuses, or get yourself together and start practicing. Doing it deliberately will change your life. But give it time.